Mastering the Trifecta: Plan, Build, Preserve

Three Pine Mission

We aren't for everyone, because if everyone we're willing to sacrifice their life to purpose and truth, everyone would do it. Furthermore Three Pines can be breaken down from product to team members who devote their lives to mastering themselves and the trifecta Plan, Build, Preserve.

  • PLAN

    I. Work only in the long term vision. Every step taken, every action is made while forseeing the following course of action. Mastering the planning seection ensures the right execution of building and preserving.


    II. Quality trancends past our product, it reflects in our people. From planning, the execution of our product and team precurses the long term vision and upholding the ability to forsee the creation of an entity that last.


    III. We do it right, or not at all. We don't take shortcuts, because nothing good ever came from things that come easy. The execution of planning and building ensures that what three pines creates is of quality, will last, and made right or not all, as it binds together what it means to be Three Pines

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