Three Pines is a philosophy

centered in mastering the trifecta; Plan, Build, Preserve
  • Commercial Re-Roofs

    Replacing or upgrading the roofing system of commercial buildings to ensure durability, compliance with building codes, and improved energy efficiency. This service often involves minimal disruption to business operations.

  • Residential Re-Roofs

    Installing new roofs on homes, replacing old or damaged roofing materials to protect the property and enhance its aesthetic appeal. This service ensures the home is weatherproof and compliant with local building standards.

  • Free Roof Inspection

    Offering complimentary evaluations of a roof's condition to identify potential issues, recommend necessary repairs or replacements, and provide peace of mind to property owners. This service is often the first step in maintaining a healthy roof.

Don't Need a Roof?

Three Pines Development takes care everything from building houses from virgin land to simply renovating the siding. Three Pines Development prides it's work on attention to detail to last the trifecta of planning, building and preserving.

Three Pines Development

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will My Roof Last

On average it will last 20-50 years but matters principly on the material used.

How much does Three Pines charge for attaining the claim for insurance?

We pride ourselves in looking in the long term vision. Which is why getting ahold of your insurance provider and negotiating payout through our line by line strategy ensures the highest payout. Completely complementary we only ask that we earn your business!

Why Three Pines?

Seeing the nightmares homeowners face with business owners and contractors alike. Knowing that these fruits are a direct result of their habits, we are a rejection of the status quo, as we serve for those willing to go against the grain, for those willing to potentialize their life's even if it means temporary suffering.